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Marine Reef Habitiat, working to save our coral reefs.

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Reef Diving

Marine Reef Habitat is located in 
Holyoke, Massachusetts and is 
owned and operated by Gerardo
Ramos, who is passionate about 
his enterprise and the conservation
of the coral reefs of Puerto Rico
and worldwide. Feel free to make
an appointment to see Marine Reef
Habitat's spectacular tanks by 
calling (413) 883-9862. 
Join us for a Coral Reef Expedition. 
Protecting and conserving coral reef
ecosystems is an urgent issue. Coral
reefs are highly valued for their 
biological, cultural and economic 
resources, as well as their aesthetic 
qualities. They provide food, 
employment, building materials, 
recreation, coastal protection and 
medicines. They sustain livelihoods
and economic development.  
Marine Reef Habitat is now organizing
annual trips to explore the Caribbean 
Coral Reefs of Guayama, Puerto Rico. 
Expeditions include:

- Local Lodging 
- Meal Packages
- Tours of the local Rain Forest 
- Underwater exploration of the Coral 
- Repopulation of the Coral Reef 
- Air travel not included (see below) 
Guayama is known as "La Ciudad 
Bruja" (witch city)  or "Pueblo de los
Brujos" (city of witches). Guayama 
was founded in 1736 by Matías de
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